Natural Disasters & Your Home: Flooding

After a heavy rain, water damage to your home can leave you with a myriad of problems. You may experience flooding if you live in hurricane-prone areas or near rivers and lakes. Coastal states are prone to heavy rainfall, which kick-starts water damage before flooding occurs. Through times of heavy rainfall or flooding, water damage can cause mold, mildew, and damage your home’s electrical inner-workings. Fortunately, there are some precautionary measures you can take to lessen the blow of the water damage.

Credit to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Inspect and Repair Roofing

First and foremost, your roof is your home’s front line of defense in a storm. Sandbags are useful if you’re expecting flooding, but try checking your roof for leaks and damages as well. If you were to have any leaks prior to heavy rainfall, adding hurricane-force winds could exacerbate the problem area even more.


Clean Gutters and Drainage System

Cleaning out gutters and drainage systems regularly helps keep them flowing nicely. These systems are helpful in areas of the U.S. with basements to keep water flowing away from the house. This prevents water from collecting and seeping into the underground level of your home. Basements are more at risk for water damage due to water being able to collect in the soil surrounding the basement. This allows for pressure on the walls that can lead to cracks for water to seep through.


Electricity + Water = DANGER

Most of us know that electricity combined with water is a bad combination. Therefore, when flooding becomes imminent, check your appliances. Appliances such as air conditioning units, fuel tanks, and generators should be moved. Find a way to put them up at least a foot above predicted water levels. You can also give your electric company a call to shut off your electricity! Although, you should make sure your phones and battery packs are all charged up first.



There are many ways to skin this cat, but for homes with basements we have a few recommendations. Liquid coating your basement or installing a drainage system are a few of the waterproofing services we can provide. You can take action to protect your home and your belongings by using PierGenius! Give us a call to set up your appointment for a FREE estimate today!


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