Trees: The Root Of Foundation Troubles

Trees provide our earth with much more than beautiful scenery and shade on hot summer days – we are all aware that they produce oxygen, provide shelter for animals, and even bear fruits. Loving trees is a beautiful thing! All the same, there is a dark truth behind why your foundation is settling and the root of the issue may be your trees.

Fortunately we have a solution that can keep those beautiful willows or cedar elms flourishing in your yard without wreaking havoc on your foundation, and sometimes requiring costly foundation repairs.

How Trees Damage Foundations

As trees grow upwards and outwards, their roots grow downward and out mirroring the tree’s size on the surface, if not exceeding it. (See photo below) Basically, you have another tree growing underneath the surface of your lawn.When placed near your house, tree roots continue to grow deep in the ground and expand out in search for hydrated soil. Once the tree absorbs the moisture in the soil, the soil shrinks and leaves room for air pockets. When air pockets are formed underneath your home’s foundation, the soil collapses under the weight of the house. If your home’s foundation is no longer being supported by the soil, shifting and settling can occur. Signs of settling may appear through cracks in your walls, cracked or uneven flooring, and bowing of walls.

In our last post, we talked about how climates with expansive soil have increased chances for foundation issues. While your soil is ultimately to blame for your foundation problems, trees can worsen the problem. With the average household yard containing about two trees, foundation troubles are more common than you think.

Watering your trees and shrubs around your house is the easiest way to keep foundation damage to a minimum. Unfortunately, your home may already be experiencing settling. That is where PierGenius can give you peace of mind with our LIFETIME guarantee. PierGenius utilizes the strongest and most innovative pier in the industry – DeepPier Technology! DeepPier goes deeper so you’ll never have to see us again. (Unless you think we are cool and wanna meet up for coffee or drinks sometime – we make awesome friends.)

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