DeepPier Technology

DeepPier Technology

Foundation repair is unique. While the soil composition in the area is similar, no two projects are going to be exactly the same. This is why our team has worked to come up with a unique system that provides effective repairs that last.

The DeepPier foundation piering system is specifically engineered to be the very best alternative to traditional foundation piering available on the market today. Designed to make use of superior materials – concrete and steel – together our system is considered one of the strongest foundation piers in the entire industry.

A Quick Look at the DeepPier System

Rather than being installed on the outside of the footing of the foundation like traditional piering, the DeepPier system is installed centrally under the footing. This provides direct support for the structural load.

With DeepPier, we are able to achieve a greater depth and place the support in a manner that offers the highest level of stability. Each of the interlocking DeepPier segments uses top-quality materials that maximize support and stability for the foundation. Our unique design and process lead to a higher level of stability and security than traditional foundation piering methods.

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