Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can arise in any area, on any type of structure, regardless of how old or new the home or building is. Being aware of the signs of a problem and what to do can help prevent it from getting worse.

Have you noticed cracked walls? Or, doors that don’t close properly? Floors that bulge and ceilings that seem to sag? If so, you likely have foundation issues.

Foundation settlement can cause a number of serious, structural issues in your home. The good news is, Pier Genius can fix any foundation issue you have thanks to their innovative technology and skilled technicians.

Common Foundation Issues for Kansas, Missouri &  Texas Homes

Homes in the MidWest and Texas are not immune to foundation issues. Pier and beam and slab foundations can each develop unique foundation issues that require professional evaluation and repair. Knowing some of the most common causes of these problems for Texas homeowners can help you know what to watch for.

Soil and climate are two of the primary contributing factors to foundation problems. Many Texas homes are constructed on clay soil, which is susceptible to expansion and contraction. When it is hot out (which it often is in Texas) the earth will begin to shrink and when it is cold, it will increase in volume. This results in the foundation being unstable and may create cracks.

Water is also a common issue. It is not uncommon for houses in Texas to have issues with their foundation due to excessive moisture. This is why contractors often work side by side with plumbers to perform hydrostatic pressure tests to find any signs of leaks. Invasive roots from trees and poor soil compaction can also cause a number of issues that can impact the foundation.

Avoid Issues with Foundations by Knowing the Most Common Causes

One of the best ways to avert any problems is to figure out what is causing them. If the concrete slab is cracked, it may mean the ground around the perimeter of the foundation is too dry. This is not an uncommon issue for many Texas, Missouri and Kansas homes.

Too much moisture around the foundation can also be an issue. It can create damage or upheaval to the foundation. In these situations, not only will foundation repair be necessary, a drainage system will also have to be installed.

Signs of Foundation Problems

There are both interior and exterior signs of foundation damage.

Interior Issues:

  • Cracks in the ceiling.
  • Separation of the wall from the ceiling.
  • Cabinets in the kitchen that are separating from the ceiling or wall.
  • Uneven floors.
  • Floor tile that is cracked.
  • Windows and doors that stick.
  • Cracks in the walls.

Exterior signs of a problem include the following:

  • Separation in the bricks.
  • Cracks in the chimney.
  • Window frame or exterior door separation from the siding or brick.
  • Cracked slab or exterior contract.
  • Gaps between the fascia or trim boards.

If you notice any signs that your Dallas or Kansas City home’s foundation is not in good repair, then call us at Pier Genius today. We will evaluate the situation and help you find the right foundation repair solution.

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